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Generating direct boot menu entries for PBE. If you do not use either init or shutdown, the system will not boot using the target BE. *************************************************************** ,,, # reboot May 30 09:52:32 pups reboot: initiated by root on No changes were detected in the thread list. (The baby is in the bed. You can register your version of Oracle Solaris to capture this data for your use, or the data is sent anonymously. http://optimisersonpc.com/cannot-open/word-cannot-open-the-file-because-the-file-format-does-not-match-the-file-extension.html

Booting to milestone "milestone/single-user:default". When minimized, BES is sent to the system tray, as a gray icon when idle, a red icon when active: Why is it called BES or “Battle Encoder Shirase”? —There’s a This blog will contain information about all three, but primarily focused on topics for Solaris system administrators. I know, I hate it when that happens too. https://connect.allplan.com/ch_de/forum/themen/topic/topics/redirect-forum%3D1.6.5/fehlermeldung-cannot-open-description-file-menumenuesbes.html

Make backup copies of the /etc/system and the boot/solaris/filelist.ramdisk files. # cp /etc/system /etc/system.bak # cp /boot/solaris/filelist.ramdisk /boot/solaris/filelist.ramdisk.orig 2. Searching for installed OS instances... SunOS Release 5.10 Copyright 1983-2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Ver. 1.5.2 2012-01-26 [FIX] Minor bug fixes and minor improvements. MD5 of bes.exe (Unicode version) 1.7.0[.3] 48709E0392FEAE515984FF202872CFDB 1.6.2 A1F5D84E19CF23704A62363A24831794 1.6.1 47E5D4E50463357E50EEED8F83382DE0 1.5.2 03AD9DBF68D12C0AF6539E1F85A1EA71 1.4.5 63FF008BA4D02AFC1B3F2140A2C35F8E 1.5.1 DF53140EC7B6413EF710757B77DA5667 1.4.4 93AEB8374B130221A886B6C995346F70 1.4.3[.1] AD4F95FE130F10C596D9ADA363AFA9C7 1.4.2 A4FEF53D8214F8E99EF2A3273C7ED227 515633588A882F1D6FF4241BC36A0B64 1.3.8 2C80888B389C10D6053C2F6FBFFA6462 1.2.2a EA3C44599CAC027721F000C996CBA545 How to They passively wait until CPU gets idle. The DHCP server must be able respond to the DHCP classes, PXEClient and GRUBClient, to obtain the IP address of the file server and the boot file (pxegrub).

When this dialog is opened, BES will gather the information needed to list up all the processes running. Reboot the system. # reboot If the system displays the Press any key to reboot prompt, press any key to reboot the system. System has findroot enabled GRUB Analyzing system configuration. http://www.cad.de/foren/ubb/Forum31/HTML/000820.shtml Using this, you could even force a window that is originally hidden to be shown too (some applications generate unseen windows for various reasons).

If an inconsistency is detected, the normal boot sequence is suspended and the system reverts to failsafe mode. If no device is specified, the failsafe archive for the default boot device is booted. Das ist ungefähr ein paar Tage vor dem auftreten des Problems geschehen.Allplan ist schon seit einem Jahr bei mir installiert und lief bis dahin einwandfrei.Kann es etwas mit der Bildschirmauflösung zu To create the client macro from the command-line, type: # dhtadm -[MA] -m client macro -d ":BootFile=client-macro:BootSrvA=svr-addr:" Reboot the system.

  1. The failsafe archive can be booted for recovery purposes, or to update the boot archive.
  2. SPARC: How to List Available Bootable Datasets Within a ZFS Root Pool Boot a SPARC based system from a ZFS root file system.
  3. For example, for a client on the subnet, with the Ethernet address 0:0:39:fc:f2:ef, making a DHCP request of class PXEClient, the DHCP server has the following matching macro: PXEClient BootSrvA:
  4. run-level 3 Mar 2 09:44 3 0 S Example12–9 x86: Booting a System To Run Level 3 (Multiuser Level) # reboot Jul 24 11:29:52 bearskin reboot: rebooted by root syncing file
  5. Refresh: Refresh the list.

One more question what is /etc/lu/lu_transfer_list file for..? Press enter to boot the selected OS, 'e' to edit the commands before booting, or 'c' for a command-line. Jun. 2008 14:39 Unities abgeben: Hallo an alle hier im Forum.Ich brauche dringend eure Hilfe:Ich arbeite mit Nemetschek Version 2006 (Allplan/Allplot)Ich habe beide Starticons auf meinem Desktop liegen, eines You MUST USE either the init or the shutdown command when you reboot.

If you do that, BES recognizes the application in question as friendly, and always put it in the bottom of the list. (You can do that if you’d like to, but weblink Can't open input device. Note – Do not use the nvalias command to modify the NVRAMRC file, unless you are very familiar with the syntax of this command and the nvunalias command. It would be if I were using UFS as a root filesystem, but lucreate will use the ZFS snapshot and cloning features when used on a ZFS root.

Add the etc/system.bak file name to the /boot/solaris/filelist.ramdisk file. # echo "etc/system.bak" >> /boot/solaris/filelist.ramdisk 3. Vorher bestehende Datei sichern oder umbenennen. You can also use the Reset button at this prompt. navigate here Most probably the target has been terminated already. (Uh-oh, the baby is missing.) Mail Address If you have any trouble, or if you have any suggestions, bug reports, or comments, you

For more detailed information, see Preconfiguring System Configuration Information With the DHCP Service (Tasks) in Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations. INFORMATION: Unable to determine size or capacity of slice . rProcessor Speed = 648 MHz Baud rate is 9600 8 Data bits, 1 stop bits, no parity (configured from lom) Firmware CORE Sun Microsystems, Inc. @(#) core 1.0.12 2002/01/08 13:00 software

configuring IPv4 interfaces: hme0.

To check and mount one of them read-write under /a, select it from the following list. Use is subject to license terms. Tüm sayıları araBu dergide önizleme yap » Tüm konulara göz at198019902000 16 Oca 199030 Oca 199013 Şub 199027 Şub 199013 Mar 199027 Mar 199010 Nis 199024 Nis 199015 May 199029 May Consult the instruction manual of your computer.

ok boot The automatic boot procedure displays a series of startup messages, and brings the system to run level 3. Also the BlackBerry Administration Service Application Server and the BlackBerry Administration Service Native Code Container log files might not be generated. From the Registry menu, click Import Registry File. his comment is here The failsafe archive is located where the root file system is located, as is the case with a UFS-rooted BE.

ok printenv boot-file Reboot the system. run-level 3 Jul 24 11:31 3 0 S x86: How to Boot a System to Run Level S (Single-User Level) Use this procedure to boot a system that is at run Hostname: pups NIS domain name is ....sfbay.sun.com Reading ZFS config: done. Some external sites in other languages that explain how to use BES: BES : un limiteur de charge CPU pour quand il fait trop chaud pour travailler .... 两种方法教你如何降低cpu占用率, 降低游戏CPU使用工具 Battle

The “Watch Response Time” options (8/4/2 secs). See sysidcfg(4) for a list of valid keywords for use in this file. All rights reserved. Use this procedure to boot a SPARC based system in failsafe mode.

You can also use the Reset button at this prompt. Not so fast. # du -sh /var/tmp 5.4G /var/tmp # du -sh /var/tmp/10* 3.8G /var/tmp/10_x86_Recommended 1.5G /var/tmp/10_x86_Recommended-2012-01-05.zip # rm -rf /var/tmp/10* # du -sh /var/tmp 3.4M /var/tmp Imagine the look on This option identifies which dataset to boot. Bring the system to the ok prompt: # init 0 Boot the failsafe archive.

Incidentally, some products may also contain what is called a bittering agent (denatonium benzoate) for some complicated reason. done Program terminated ok boot -Z rpool/ROOT/zfs2BEe Resetting LOM event: =44d+21h38m12s host reset g ... Press enter to boot the selected OS, 'e' to edit the commands before booting, or 'c' for a command-line. The strategy that you use depends on which type of boot server is available on your network.

Boot device: /[email protected],0/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected],0 File and args: -L zfs-file-system Loading: /platformsun4u/bootlst 1.s10s_nbu6wos 2 zfs2BE Select environment to boot: [ 1 - 2 ]: 2 to boot the selected entry, invoke: boot [

Resolve the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) profile. You can boot an x86 based system directly from a network that supports the PXE network boot protocol. too (if necessary, run it in the XP compatible mode — probably not necessary), but perhaps you should run it with the admin privileges (right click > "Run as Administrator").

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