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Lammps Neighbor


I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. Angle style hybrid cannot have none as an argument Self-explanatory. Cannot use velocity bias command without temp keyword Self-explanatory. Create_box region ID does not exist A region ID used in the create_box command does not exist.

Cannot open COMB potential file %s The specified COMB potential file cannot be opened. For example, this message ERROR: Illegal velocity command (velocity.cpp:78) means that line #78 in the file src/velocity.cpp generated the error. Cannot use create_bonds with non-molecular system Self-explanatory. Cannot use fix msst without per-type mass defined Self-explanatory. have a peek at this web-site

Lammps Neighbor

Bias compute does not calculate a velocity bias The specified compute must compute a bias for temperature. Cannot use newton pair with zbl/gpu pair style Self-explantory. Instead they are defined on a per-atom basis in the data file.

Please don't fill out this field. Cannot set theta for atom that is not a line Self-explanatory. All universe/uloop variables must have same # of values Self-explanatory. Read_restart Lammps It implements a variety of interatomic potentials and tight binding quantum mechanics, and is also able to call external packages, and serve as plugins to other software such as LAMMPS, CP2K

Self-explanatory. Atom_modify Cannot open custom file Self-explanatory. Typically this is because the pairwise cutoff is set too short or the bond has blown apart and an atom is too far away. Accelerator sharing is not currently supported on system Multiple MPI processes cannot share the accelerator on your system.

which version of LAMMPS are you using and on what platform are you running? Atom Style Lammps Cannot change timestep once fix srd is setup This is because various SRD properties depend on the timestep size. Similarly, the create_atoms command generates a lattice of atoms. Atom style hybrid cannot use same atom style twice Self-explanatory.

  1. Cannot open dir to search for restart file Using a "*" in the name of the restart file will open the current directory to search for matching file names.
  2. Check that the path and name are correct.
  3. Cannot use create_bonds unless atoms have IDs This command requires a mapping from global atom IDs to local atoms, but the atoms that have been defined have no IDs.
  4. This typically happens when the simulation box is very small in some dimension, compared to the neighbor cutoff.
  5. Cannot use newton pair with coul/dsf/gpu pair style Self-explanatory.


Coulomb cut not supported in pair_style lj/long/tip4p/long Must use long-range Coulombic interactions. http://gensoft.pasteur.fr/docs/lammps/19Sep13/Section_errors.html Angle style hybrid cannot have hybrid as an argument Self-explanatory. Lammps Neighbor Compute ID must be alphanumeric or underscore characters Self-explanatory. Lammps Neigh_modify Please report it to the developers.

Cannot use fix box/relax on a 2nd non-periodic dimension When specifying an off-diagonal pressure component, the 2nd of the two dimensions must be periodic. To install only for the current user (into ~\.local), execute the command QUIPPY_INSTALL_OPTS=--user make install-quippy, or use QUIPPY_INSTALL_OPTS=--prefix= to install into a specific directory. Check that the path and name are correct. Cannot change timestep once fix srd is setup This is because various SRD properties depend on the timestep size. Read_data Lammps

Both sides of boundary must be periodic Cannot specify a boundary as periodic only on the lo or hi side. Bad kspace_modify kmax/ewald parameter Kspace_modify values for the kmax/ewald keyword must be integers > 0 Bad kspace_modify slab parameter Kspace_modify value for the slab/volume keyword must be >= 2.0. Cannot set non-zero z velocity for 2d simulation Self-explanatory. Use another minimizer style.

Generally, LAMMPS will print a message to the screen and logfile and exit gracefully when it encounters a fatal error. Lammps Data Format Check that the path and name are correct. Cannot open MEAM potential file %s The specified MEAM potential file cannot be opened.

Cannot use vdisplace in variable formula between runs This is a function of elapsed time.

Cannot open fix reax/bonds file %s The output file for the fix reax/bonds command cannot be opened. Angle coeff for hybrid has invalid style Angle style hybrid uses another angle style as one of its coefficients. Cannot open log.cite file This file is created when you use some LAMMPS features, to indicate what paper you should cite on behalf of those who implemented the feature. Lammps Create Box Cannot use fix tune/kspace without a kspace style Self-explanatory.

Reporting bugs 12.3. The value of Properties is a sequence of triplets separated by a colon (:), that give the name, type and number of columns, with the type given by I for integers, Thanks for your attention and look forward to your reply -- Xun Guo State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Technology School of Physics, Peking University ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Transform Data into Opportunity. Cannot open COMB potential file %s The specified COMB potential file cannot be opened.

Cannot read_data after simulation box is defined The read_data command cannot be used after a read_data, read_restart, or create_box command. Error & warning messages 12.4. Compute slice fix vector is accessed out-of-range The index for the vector is out of bounds. Cannot use newton pair with born/coul/wolf/gpu pair style Self-explanatory.

Illegal arithmetic can cause LIGGGHTS(R)-PUBLIC to run slow or crash. Compute reduce fix does not calculate a per-atom array Self-explanatory. Cannot use fix wall in periodic dimension Self-explanatory. It will not be competitive in terms of performance with codes such as LAMMPS and Gromacs, but has a number of unique features: Deep access to most of the Fortran types


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