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Readme-Driven Development Often, when we write code designed to be used by other people, we focus on the implementation first, then slap an interface on it as a final step. Reproducible example: require('es6-promise'); var p = Promise.resolve(); p.constructor = function(it){ it(function(){}, function(){})}; p.constructor[Symbol.species] = function(it){ it(function(){}, function(){})}; try { var f = p.then(function(){}); console.log('works: ', f instanceof p.constructor[Symbol.species]); } catch(e){ console.log('caught Until relatively recently, "front-end developer" was a slightly derisive term for someone who could cobble together some HTML and CSS and sprinkle some JavaScript on top of it, perhaps after searching Need to change cash to cashier's check without bank account (Just arrived to the US) Default value for date field more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog navigate here

Why is the reduction of sugars more efficient in basic solutions than in acidic ones? The three most common formats are AMD (used via RequireJS and its various clones), CommonJS (used in node.js, or via Browserify), and browser globals. I constantly see code from new users that looks like this: Template.nametag.events({ click: function(e) { console.log($(e.currentTarget).data().name); } }); Meteor is here to stop the madness. Published Secrets Let's say you have a publisher for all of the users in a group: Meteor.publish('groupUsers', function(groupId) { check(groupId, String); var group = Groups.findOne(groupId); var selector = {_id: {$in: group.members}}; check over here

GUIs make the things we're working with — folders and files and drives and servers — into almost physical, tangible things that our brains are well-evolved to understand, whereas the command How to react? The server will evaluate which fields should be transmitted to the client, using something called the MergeBox. Download Now handlebars.js /spec/regressions.js Language Javascript Lines 131 MD5 Hash 8d9774d446572bbb5461f8a9294a151b Repository https://bitbucket.org/adblocks/handlebars.js.git View Raw File View Project SPDX Find Similar Files View File Tree | Open JSFiddle 1 2 3

  1. For those situations where you need to read the documents directly, you'll have to combine find with fetch like this: var puppies = Dogs.find({age: {$lt: 1}}).fetch(); Also note that if you
  2. zloirock commented Feb 29, 2016 @stefanpenner ?
  3. MVC duct tape is the new jQuery spaghetti.
  4. The idea, novel at the time (though less so now, as other tools have adopted a similar approach), was that a template parser that understood both HTML and template tags could
  5. The state of a web app UI at any given moment can be described as a function of application state, and our task is to manipulate the DOM until the reality
  6. This needn't involve lots of manual labor or complex automation (though it's straightforward to set up with services like cdnjs.com).
  7. Physics is actually atoms trying to understand themselves.
  8. To put it another way, once the object is created, it should have a method that investigates itself and figures out which properties begin with vowels, and which use consonants.
  9. By focusing on the beginner experience, we make life better for all of our users.

Profile Editing Do you have any code that looks like this? I was well aware that my jQuery spaghetti was always a few keystrokes away from implosion, but more advanced tools such as Angular were both too intimidating and yet somehow inadequate Teenage daughter refusing to go to school Why do the cars die after removing jumper cables How do pilots identify the taxi path to the runway? User profiles are editable by default even if insecure has been removed.

Your starting vocabulary will be richer, your thoughts will be better arranged, and you'll end up with a more elegant API. Because of that, developers typically break their applications apart into microscopic chunks, with dedicated custom Model and View classes tied together with an events system. There are certain patterns of mistakes and misunderstandings that most meteor developers (myself included) make on their journey toward learning the framework. his comment is here Text here!

sjungling commented Feb 29, 2016 +1 for pinning karma to 0.13.19 AND core-js to 2.1.1. what does it mean by "used to" in the context below? The correct output of the code below should be: "Mookie is a high-lethality dinosaur from a lab accident; his special power is flame." One of my goals is to output a References 1.

We were very clear that we wanted to allow users to use plain old JavaScript objects (POJOs), rather than insisting they wrap values in a Ractive-specific observable class (think 'Backbone.Model' or this Reply With Quote « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Tags for this Thread charat, origin, output, property, special View Tag Cloud Posting Permissions You may not post new threads And only per-instance @@species remains. Tools don't solve the Web's problems, they are the problem.

But it's down to us: we have to choose to build a web that is accessible to everyone. check over here Reply With Quote 10-28-2016,03:51 AM #2 sunfighter View Profile View Forum Posts Master Coder Join Date Jan 2011 Location Washington Posts 6,584 Thanks 31 Thanked 904 Times in 901 Posts I You signed out in another tab or window. The error is: TypeError: Cannot read property 'species' of undefined My code is: function Person(name,age) { this.name = name; this.age = age; this.species = "Homo Sapiens"; } var sally = Person("Sally

Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 110 Star 3,691 Fork 277 stefanpenner/es6-promise Code Issues 7 Pull requests 3 Projects What we need are tools that allow novices to express their ideas without a complete knowledge of the process by which it happens. They were created unironically by leading members of the JavaScript community. his comment is here Forgot to include underscore.js before backbone.js?

comments powered by Disqus Toggle navigation About Developers Updates searchcode server × Search your own private repositories? As far as possible, stick to vocabulary that people are already familiar with (but don't make any assumptions about prior knowledge). Download the app from iTunes or Google Play,or view within your browser.

If your empathy reserves need a top-up, try reading a paper in a field with which you're unfamiliar.

Sorting in a publish function isn't usually necessary unless the result of the sort changes which documents are sent (e.g. Register. You have just won ${{value}}!{{#in_ca}} Well, ${{taxed_value}}, after taxes.{{/in_ca}}"; var data = { "name": "Chris", "value": 10000, "taxed_value": 10000 - (10000 * 0.4), "in_ca": true }; shouldCompileTo(string, data, "Hello Chris. As a writer, it always rubs me the wrong way when computer output uses the wrong determiners. (If it's been a while since middle school grammar, a "determiner" is a word

This is a classic self-fulfilling prophecy — once we decide that it's true (or worse, right) that web development is best left to the professionals, we'll stop striving to make it Try Papers We Love8. Because helpers, event handlers, and templates share the same context, the same code should be written as: Template.nametag.events({ click: function(e) { console.log(this.name); } }); Caveat: Data attributes http://optimisersonpc.com/cannot-read/json-parse-cannot-read-property.html Isn't that a problem?" me: "It doesn't matter.

A magazine article is a suboptimal place for code samples demonstrating an interactive UI library, but if you're curious you should visit http://learn.ractivejs.org for an interactive tutorial. Browse other questions tagged javascript or ask your own question.

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