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Cannot Remove Stream That Has Baselines

July 15, 2010 at 6:56 AM Li Qin said... Great. A deliverbl baseline can be removed if it is the most recent baseline on the stream. Remove a stream that has a view attached to it. http://optimisersonpc.com/cannot-remove/cannot-remove-ds-store.html

SEE ALSO lsstream, mkstream Feedback on the documentation in this site? Removed references to view "/net/propane/usr1/tmp/html_parser_int.vws" from VOB "/usr1/tmp/foo_project". Remove the deliver activity from the integ stream (cleartool rmact). 3. If you try to remove a baseline from an integration stream, and you get this error message: cleartool: Error: Cannot remove baseline that is the foundation for a timeline.

cleartool: Error: Unable to remove baseline "deliverbl.deproj3_15910.20010507.110622.215". OPTIONS AND ARGUMENTS EVENT RECORDS AND COMMENTS.Default: Creates one or more event records, with commenting controlled by your .clearcase_profile file (default: -nc). true religion jeans, hollister pas cher, vans pas cher, tn pas cher, michael kors, true religion outlet, sac guess, nike free run uk, michael kors outlet, oakley pas cher, true religion United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search.

June 18, 2008 at 4:38 AM Anonymous said... Bruce Files. Not the answer you're looking for? Build me a Brick Wall!

How should I specify the baseline? To remove all baselines, where you are getting this error, try using the following process. A girl is blind, deaf, dumb and uneducated too. http://www.philforhumanity.com/ClearCase_Support_84.html Now you can remove the deliverbl (cleartool rmbl). 7.

Step 5: Once all of this check list is completed, you can delete your empty stream: While your empty stream is selected, click on "File" on the upper left corner, and How to react? Wrong way on a bike lane? In cleartool interactive mode, cmd-context represents the interactive cleartool prompt.

  1. The stream can have no baselines other than the set of initial baselines associated with it.
  2. If an image is rotated losslessly, why does the file size change?
  3. Thanks you on your information.
  4. See the comments reference page.

Gratefulness you seeking your information. Get More Info Comments can be edited with chevent. -c·omment comment | -cfi·le comment-file-pname |-cq·uery | -cqe·ach | -nc·omment Overrides the default with the option you specify. Your blog keeps getting better and better! February 15, 2010 at 9:21 AM Anonymous said...

up vote 4 down vote favorite 2 It looks like I can remove a just created baseline from ClearCase UCM with a simple command: $ cleartool rmbl p_xxx_main_2_0_3_1 but this gives check over here It mentions that the baseline cannot be involved in an in-progress deliver, but not that a delivered baseline cannot be removed either. Got errors.$ cleartool rmstream [email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjectsRemove stream "[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjects"? [no] ycleartool: Error: Cannot remove stream that has baselines.cleartool: Error: Unable to remove stream "[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjects".Check which baselines are on the stream.$ cleartool lsbl -stream I can list the baselines: $ cleartool lsbl -s p_xxx_main_2_0_3_1.1465 p_xxx_main_2_0_3_1 I'm running this operations in the stream snapshot view.

Preview Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on:Email me if my answer is selected or commented on Privacy: Your email address will only be used Unfortunately, there is not much information available about timelines on IBM's website. Powered by Blogger. http://optimisersonpc.com/cannot-remove/cannot-remove-hgfs-dat.html Product of all divisors=cube of number.

Got errors.$ cleartool rmbl [email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjectsRemove baseline "[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjects"? [no] ycleartool: Error: Cannot remove baseline that has been delivered.cleartool: Error: Unable to remove baseline "[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjects".$ cleartool desc -l baseline:[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjectsbaseline "deliverbl.CBFE14.5_base_hz18.20071204.132426" created 2007-12-04T13:22:38-05 by In cleartool single-command mode, cmd-contextrepresents the command interpreter prompt. Symptom The following errors occur when trying to remove the stream with a delivered baseline and then trying to remove the baseline.

In my previous blog, I have demonstrated how to remove an activity that has change set.

All Rights Reserved. cleartool: Error: Unable to remove stream "deproj3_15910". Rebase fails with error: integration activity change set is not empty in UCM Clearcase, Can someone please help here What does mean of Component in UCM? Make a note of hyperlinks shown at the end.

This may take a few minutes...Removed baseline "[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjects".Now the stream is "clean" to be removed.$ cleartool rmstream [email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjectsRemove stream "[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjects"? [no] yRemoved stream "[email protected]/vobs/CBFEProjects". Developer does not see priority in git Development Workflow being followed Package tabu: changing row color changes spacing? Note that if you use a composite baseline, it must be removed first. 4. weblink Thanks Best wishes ken brcowan 2000005CYP 763 Posts Re: Removing a baseline that has been delivered ‏2012-11-28T16:35:37Z This is the accepted answer.

The warnings have been replaced with errors:%> cleartool rmhlink [email protected]@\mypvobcleartool: Error: Hyperlinks of type "hltype:[email protected]\mypvob" are used to implement UCM and cannot be directly manipulated.cleartool: Error: Unable to remove hyperlink "[email protected]@\mypvob". Still, there's always a non-zero risk. A project's integration stream cannot be removed while other project streams exist. Cause This is expected behavior.

Since "delivered" baselines (and all "deliverbl" baselines are delivered ones) cannot be removed, the developer streams they were created in are irremovable as well. Again, describe the baseline to see that there are no hyperlinks present. Helped to solve my problem. Removed references to view "/net/propane/usr1/tmp/html_parser_int.vws" from VOB "/usr1/tmp/foo_project".

It can only be changed by ClearCase using its internal processes. When you create or deliver a baseline, or do any ClearCase activity that involves changing a baseline in any form, the data is recorded in the timeline folder of ClearCase project. Good Participation helps others to judge your skills. The timeline is similar to system files and folders used in Windows that are not visible and not modifiable by users.

Specifies one or more streams to delete.You can specify the stream as a simple name or as an object selector of the form [stream:][email protected], where vob-selector specifies a project VOB (see Bruce Files. Who am I ? EXAMPLES Examples including wildcards or quoting are written for use in cleartool interactive mode.

If the current directory is a project VOB, that project VOB is the context for identifying the stream.EXAMPLESThe UNIX examples in this section are written for use in csh. Commands Index: *intro annotate apropos catcr catcs cc.icon cc.magic cd chactivity chbl checkin checkout checkvob chevent chflevel chfolder chmaster chpool chproject chstream chtype chview clearaudit clearbug cleardescribe cleardiffbl cleardiff clearexport_ccase clearexport_cvs No views can be attached to the stream. Issue the rmstream command.

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