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Cannot Use Config File No Xml Support. Ices

Bug72925 - No XML Support Summary: No XML Support Status: CLOSED NOTABUG Aliases: None Product: Red Hat Linux Classification: Retired Component: libxml (Show other bugs) Sub Component: --- Version: 7.3 Hardware: If you set reconnectattempts to -1, it will continue indefinately. Tango Icons Tango Desktop Project. Gracias! http://optimisersonpc.com/cannot-use/cannot-use-config-file-no-xml-support-is-exiting.html

mount Mountpoints are used to identify a particular stream on a icecast server, they must begin with / and for the sake of certain listening clients should end with the .ogg This is mainly for cases where a local relay is configured and you do not want the source of the local relay to be shown. mount-name The name of the mount point for which these settings apply. Downmix 1 Some streams want to reduce the bitrate further, reducing the number of channels used to just 1. http://icecast.imux.net/viewtopic.php?p=10478&sid=dcd293e39647696ca7e3ade01730ba15

It is thus recommended to make a backup of the original config file and then start by just changing all passwords, nothing else. changeowner This section indicates the user and group that will own the icecast process when it is started. channels State the number of channels to use in the encoding. Any ideas where to start?

Savefile /home/ices/dump/stream1.ogg Sometimes the stream transmitted wants to be saved to disk. ssl If set to 1 will enable HTTPS on this listen-socket. master-server This is the IP for the server which contains the mountpoints to be relayed (Master Server). Listeners are considered clients, but so are accesses to any static content (i.e.

If this value is not present the default username is source. The resample will modify the audio data before it enters the encoder, but does not affect other instances. logarchive If this value is set, then Icecast will append a timestamp to the end of the logfile name when logsize has been reached. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1163632 This will be further addressed in the next Icecast release.

The admin directory contained within the icecast distribution contains these files. This applies to each instance defined within the stream section but maybe overridden by a per-instance section. Because you do not have individual relay options when using a master server relay, you still may want those relays to only pull the stream when there is at least one Brenegan, BMET 2002-08-29 00:28:07 EDT From Bugzilla Helper: User-Agent: Mozilla/4.79 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U) Description of problem: application won't load an xml configuration file Version-Release number of selected component (if

The subtype is really to help the YP server to identify the components of the type. From: Miguel Reply Soy de Chile. karl. ICES-CC Im Vergleich zu den andren Versionen kann er mit MP3 Codec umgehen und bedient dynamische Playlisten.

The value is in bytes. have a peek at these guys Also, for proper Shoutcast DSP compatibility, you must define a listen socket with a port one less than the one defined as shoutcast-compat. Icecast2 is well written server, and it is easy to setup. You wrote a great tutorial.

This is what the mount will be named on the relaying server. client-timeout This does not seem to be used. This is primarily useful for a) relaying to multiple independent servers, and b) encoding/reencoding to multiple bitrates. check over here On this page 3 Install And Configure Ices2 4 Modify The Icecast2 Init Script 5 Links 3 Install And Configure Ices2 To install Ices2, we run apt-get install ices2 Next we

Sourcen update und Keyring Installation: apt-get update apt-get install deb-multimedia-keyring apt-get update 123 apt-get updateapt-get install deb-multimedia-keyringapt-get update ICECAST2 Installieren von Icecast2 und ices apt-get install icecast2 ices2 1 apt-get install Actual Results: IceS exits because it can't read an XML configuration file, it says due to no xml support Expected Results: IceS SHOULD have loaded the config file. The server that is being relayed does not need any special configuration.

For advanced users only. --> 80

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