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Cannot Use Parentheses When Calling A Sub In Qtp


Basically, when you use a procedure or function like this: Foobar arg1, arg2, arg3 you must not use parentheses around the argument list. i tried it out and nothing worked. Reply Visakh says: November 26, 2006 at 12:27 am Hi Eric, Thanks a lot for the article. You seem to close the REPLACE function just after strCol3, so that results in not interpretting VBCRLF, as you wanted. weblink

I'm not sure why your onload guy was causing a problem -- I'd have to actually see the server code in action to figure it out. Can't Use Parentheses When Calling a Sub - VBScript - Stack Overflow View More at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17945213/cant-use-parentheses-... While at times you may have received this error because of a genuine mistake, most of the other times this maybe because of a quirk with VB Script. Coz Guest July 20th,06:39 PM #2 Re: string manipulation problem - Replace Coz wrote on 20 jul 2003 in microsoft.public.inetserver.asp.general: >Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub > Replace(ModPostCode, " " http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17945213/cant-use-parentheses-when-calling-a-sub-vbscript

Cannot Use Parentheses When Calling A Sub In Qtp

RG You can't start at -1. Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.Run(iexplore -k http://support.microsoft.com/kb/154780, 1, true) Reply JoeNo1 says: December 4, 2009 at 3:21 pm This has been always confusing for me. There are two ways to correctly call the function, you can either preface the function with "Call" like this: Call WshShell.Run("iexplore -k http://support.microsoft.com/kb/154780", 1, true) Or you can simply remove the share|improve this answer answered Dec 27 '13 at 22:27 Mohammad Amin Bandekhoda 813 Note: test(1) is not the same as test 1.

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  4. Somehow the onLoad="subLoadDefaults()" made the rest of the page ignore that it was wrong.

In future, we will make sure you get new tips & tricks on QTP delivered direct to your email box. Build me a Brick Wall! a procedure that runs and does its thing without returning a value. Vbscript Function Return And finally there is the byref rule: arguments are passed byref when possible but if there are “extra” parens around a variable then the variable is passed byval, not byref.

You are calling it as if it was a Sub, i.e. Cannot Use Parentheses When Calling A Sub Msgbox IN operator must be used with an iterable expression Antonym for Nourish Blender add rough/random surface What movie is this? Reply anon says: January 9, 2006 at 6:07 pm Another stupid thing that will trigger this error: using DateDiff("n", Date1, Date2) by itself (not with Response.Write or assigning it to a get redirected here Having said that, what else could be wrong??? "McKirahan" wrote in message news:k6********************@comcast.com... "Richard Gutery" wrote in message news:ej**************@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl...

Reply Eric Lippert says: June 28, 2006 at 4:21 pm Yes, the syntax is the same for VB6/VBA. Expected End Of Statement Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free . By Nanwedar in forum Macromedia ColdFusion Replies: 5 Last Post: February 24th, 04:01 PM Another String Manipulation Question By Bill in forum Coldfusion - Advanced Techniques Replies: 4 Last Post: February The solution eventually was: strContent = Replace (strContent, st, arr (k,i), 1) Thank you everyone for the quick and helpful responses!

Cannot Use Parentheses When Calling A Sub Msgbox

Not the answer you're looking for? https://bytes.com/topic/asp-classic/answers/125820-vb-replace-function-error Why does the size of this std::string change, when characters are changed? Cannot Use Parentheses When Calling A Sub In Qtp but here goes. 800a0414 I could not finger out the problem, hacked out code chunk by chunk… I mean… I ALREADY fixed it… there must be something else I missed.

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Contact Us Trending Articles Tutorial 5: Ultimate Guide to UFT Panes UFT 12.54 Launched–Check New Features and Enhancements 4 Ways to Replace(expression, find, replacewith[, start[, count[, compare]]]) Jul 22 '05 #3 P: n/a Bob Barrows [MVP] Richard Gutery wrote: I have this piece of code in an ASP page: replace (strRootDir, "\", When you use the Call keyword or use the return value of a function in an assignment or a condition, then you must use parentheses around the argument list, e.g.: Call Let me show that with the help of an example.I have created two functionsfunction oneargument(x) msgbox "In a function with a single argument " & x End functionfunction twoarguments(x,y) msgbox "In Vbs Object Required

The email account listed in my From header is my spam trap, so I don't check it very often. Note that whenever parentheses is used in this text, it is meant to imply the possible comma-separated values as well. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub Error 800A0414 VBS up vote 9 down vote favorite 1 I am getting the 800A0414 check over here to pass x byref, y byref: f x call f(x) z = f(x) g x, y call g(x, y) z = g(x, y) to pass x byval, y byref: f(x) call

in VBA if you were to try Show() it would tell you that "Expected: =" which makes sense under 3.1 -- VBA sees the parentheses and assumes that the call should If Condition In Vbscript Reply Al Dunbar says: May 7, 2009 at 8:42 pm show(a) does not error out, however it may not do exactly as you'd expect for the reasons given long ago by While a call to a single argument function, with parenthesis works fine with or without using Call keyword, call to a function with more than one arguments using parenthesis will error

I'm incredibly new to VB of any kind, and your site provided the answer after a couple hours of struggling with this problem.

The actual code is: httpPath = replace strRootDir, "\", "/", -1) Well, in this case, you left out the opening parenthesis. Sub MySub(Parameter) passes by value, but Sub MySub( Parameter ) and Sub MySub(Parameter, AnotherParameter) pass by value. What am I doing wrong??? Vbscript Call Function simple answer is when using Sub call like: MySub arg1, arg2, arg3 Reply Follow UsPopular TagsC# Scripting JScript VBScript Language Design COM Programming Rarefied Heights Puzzles Rants Performance Security C# 4.0

What am I doing wrong??? That wasn't the cause of your problem but it would likely just cause another error after you fixed the parenthesis error. In your newsgroup posting (1) you say n = Foo((z)) ‘ legal, passes z by reference and in your blog it is "to pass x byval" z = If I have been helpful, Please Rate my Post.

Here's the deal: parentheses mean several different things in VB and hence in VBScript. I have been pulling some information from an access database (specifically a postcode) eg. SUBSCRIBE! Is it ethical for a journal to cancel an accepted review request when they have obtained sufficient number of reviews to make a decision?

I'm happy 'again' - I did say that it was probably something I was doing.... The actual code is: httpPath = replace strRootDir, "\", "/", -1) In any case, I still get the same error, even after retyping the entire line.

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