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Cannot Write To Spamassassin User_prefs

The lines will still be properly folded (marked as continuing) though. Here are some examples (these are the defaults, note that Checker-Version can not be changed or removed): add_header spam Flag _YESNOCAPS_ add_header all Status _YESNO_, score=_SCORE_ required=_REQD_ tests=_TESTS_ autolearn=_AUTOLEARN_ version=_VERSION_ add_header It seems they don't. NOTE: By default the user is considered invalid until a plugin returns a true value. weblink

MISCELLANEOUS OPTIONS lock_method type Select the file-locking method used to protect database files on-disk. dns_available { yes | test[: name1 name2...] | no } (default: test) By default, SpamAssassin will query some default hosts on the internet to attempt to check if DNS is working In place of 4, sa-learn.sh could be modified to explicitly set better permissions on the generated files. [edit: not recommending this specifically, just mentioning it] Thanks. This uses the same format as trusted_networks, above. https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=153455

rbl_timeout n (default: 15) All DNS queries are made at the beginning of a check and we try to read the results at the end. If the header in question contains < or > characters at the start and end of the email address in the right-hand side, as in the SMTP transaction, these will be These are the permissions for the SA database - just as setup/spamassasin.sh sets them: [email protected]:/home/user-data/mail/spamassassin⟫ ls -la total 6112 drwxrwxr-x 2 mail mail 4096 Oct 11 16:02 .

  1. The headers checked for whitelist addresses are as follows: if Resent-To or Resent-Cc are set, use those; otherwise check all addresses taken from the following set of headers: To Cc Apparently-To
  2. The problem is that it can introduce some delay if your network connection is down, and in some cases it can wrongly guess that DNS is unavailable because the test connections
  3. Probably should own it, actually.David MortonMaia Mailguard http://www.maiamailguard.com***@dgrmm.net Eugene Pefti 2007-02-20 08:05:18 UTC PermalinkRaw Message You were right David.It was home path for the user running spamassassin.Instead of /var/amavisd it was
  4. are allowed, but all other metacharacters are not.
  5. Lines between this and a corresponding endif line, will be ignored unless the conditional expression evaluates as true (in the perl sense; that is, defined and non-0).
  6. The third score is used when Bayes is enabled and network tests are disabled (score set 2).
  7. The rules CHARSET_FARAWAY, CHARSET_FARAWAY_BODY, and CHARSET_FARAWAY_HEADERS are triggered based on how this is set.
  8. This seems fine, but I don't like to migrate too far from > > default configs.
  9. But it's surprising it didn't work so maybe I messed something up.

Note that X-Spam-Checker-Version is not removable because the version information is needed by mail administrators and developers to debug problems. In other words, if the host that connected to your MX had an IP address that mapped to 'sendinghost.spamassassin.org', you should specify sendinghost.spamassassin.org or just spamassassin.org here. For example, one might read messages from a preferred bookstore but also get unwanted spam messages from other bookstores. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

This on a fully relabeled selinux-policy-targeted-2.1.6-8 rawhide system Funny this bug was just closed for FC4. op is either =~ (contains regular expression) or !~ (does not contain regular expression), and pattern is a valid Perl regular expression, with modifiers as regexp modifiers in the usual style. e.g. get redirected here This option gives the username used by the above DSN.

If this options is set the BayesStore::SQL module will override the set username with the value given. header SYMBOLIC_TEST_NAME exists:name_of_header Define a header existence test. Where appropriate below, default values are listed in parentheses. This however places the interfacing with SA in the hands of the user -- not ideal for *my* situation. 2) change the way spamd runs to use its own user (adduser

Dovecot sort of explicitly doesn't let you do it but has an option mail_access_groups that lets you specify other groups to run as. The 'raw body' of a message is the raw data inside all textual parts. In the absence of any stats the in web UI (and I'm not suggesting there should be any) I'm using sa-learn --dump magic to check things are working as they should, Do you have any thoughts on whether it should be owned by mail/spampd/something else (and therefore which group should have all those users as members)?

bayes_use_hapaxes (default: 1) Should the Bayesian classifier use hapaxes (words/tokens that occur only once) when classifying? have a peek at these guys Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. This produces significantly better hit-rates, but increases database size by about a factor of 8 to 10. dhpiggott commented Oct 11, 2014 I just tried to check how the files first get created by running a Vagrant deploy and using test_mail.py against it.

There are three levels of To-whitelisting, whitelist_to, more_spam_to and all_spam_to. It might also be created by the sa-learn-pipe script and owned by mail, locking out spampd. Note: The version used is in the internal SpamAssassin version format which is x.yyyzzz, where x is major version, y is minor version, and z is maintenance version. http://optimisersonpc.com/cannot-write/cannot-write-to-log-file-pig.html meta SYMBOLIC_TEST_NAME boolean expression Define a boolean expression test in terms of other tests that have been hit or not hit.

They are not scored or listed in the 'tests hit' reports, but assigning a score of 0 to an indirect rule will disable it from running. The specified email address has to match exactly the address previously used in a whitelist_from_rcvd line. use_bayes_rules ( 0 | 1 ) (default: 1) Whether to use rules using the naive-Bayesian-style classifier built into SpamAssassin.

Note: as per the header tests, # must be escaped (\#) or else it is considered the beginning of a comment.

The first parameter is the address to whitelist, and the second is a string to match the relay's rDNS. internal_networks ip.add.re.ss[/mask] ... (default: none) What networks or hosts are 'internal' in your setup. Regular expressions are not used for security reasons. Without at least one header, it might not even be possible to determine that SpamAssassin is running.

I don'thave amavis, I have amavisd. The whitelist score is lower, because these are often targets for spammer spoofing. user_scores_sql_custom_query query This option gives you the ability to create a custom SQL query to retrieve user scores and preferences. this content Login | Register For Free | Help Search this list this category for: (Advanced) Mailing List Archive: SpamAssassin: users Permissions Issues Index | Next | Previous | Print

e.g. LANGUAGE OPTIONS ok_locales xx [ yy zz ... ] (default: all) This option is used to specify which locales are considered OK for incoming mail. Nice to have: recurse on all subfolders excluding Spam. All headers will be folded if fold_headers is set to 1.

e.g. Sign in to comment Contact GitHub API Training Shop Blog About © 2016 GitHub, Inc. I observe the SpamAssassin global statistics again and find that nham has incremented: [email protected]:~⟫ sa-learn --dump magic --dbpath /home/user-data/mail/spamassassin/ 0.000 0 3 0 non-token data: bayes db version 0.000 0 805

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