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Not the answer you're looking for? Options ‘icicle-color-themes’ and ‘icicle-custom-themes’ are similar to options ‘doremi-color-themes’ and ‘doremi-custom-themes’, respectively – customize them to define the lists of themes to choose from (default: all themes). Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. It will be part of 6.6.1 – XavierMaillardChoosing a new theme resizes the frameI am running 6.6.0 with the Carbon XEmacs port of 21.5.beta27. http://optimisersonpc.com/emacs-cannot/emacs-install-color-theme.html

See the thread “€œcursor-color frame parameter cannot equal background-color"€ in [email protected] For questions about color-theme, see ColorThemeQuestions. It is not maintained automatically. Set ‘color-theme-history-max-length’ first. – AlexSchroederHow To Make a Theme Dynamic?Is there a way to make a theme “dynamic”? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11389519/cannot-open-load-file-color-theme-error-in-emacs-24-1


EDIT: I was never able to overcome the compile error from color-theme so I decided to go diving into the SlackBuild. You will several instance of how to load a third party library in emacs. You say you did put it on the load-path, but that likely isn't true, probably because of a typo. –tarsius Dec 17 '14 at 22:05 add a comment| 2 Answers 2

E.g. Would we find alien music meaningful? It does not appear to be possible using the new built in theme support in custom.el. ;; test for each frame or console (defun color-theme-for-win-sys (frame) (let ((color-theme-is-global nil)) (select-frame frame) Emacs 24 Themes Is that right?

Has anyone else seen this? Emacs Install Color Theme Dishwasher Hose Clamps won't open stdarg and printf() in C Are there continuous functions for which the epsilon-delta property doesn't hold? M-x set-variable RET color-theme-is-global nil M-x color-theme-blue-seaA possible use for this variable is dynamic binding. i thought about this Any suggestion?I installed the CVS version of color-theme which fixed this (Emacs/22.0.92). - springfieldNew version of color-theme (6.5.4) doesn’t work with stable emacs version (21.4).

This menu can be accessed via ‘M-x color-theme-select’. Emacs Load-theme Download the color-theme.6.6.0.tar.gz and extract into ~/.emacs.d. See the next footnote. [2]: If you have disabled the menu, perhaps because you’re using an init file copied from someone else or something like the Emacs starter kit, you can If you are keeping your ~/.emacs.d under version control using git, you can use git submodules to simplify the management of such third-party packages.

  1. Do I need to provide a round-trip ticket in check-in?
  2. You signed in with another tab or window.
  3. The cursor promptly returns to black which his annoying because you can’t see the character under the cursor.
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  5. by Kyle M.
  6. I don't know if the files are really "properly" ported considering jwhitley's comment though.
  7. As a side note, I'm using Slackware.

Emacs Install Color Theme

So this question might seem a little bit annoying. https://github.com/sellout/emacs-color-theme-solarized/issues/174 For one thing, switching among custom themes is very slow compared to color themes (instantaneous cycling). Custom-theme-load-path I will try to compile a selection of the best questions/answers to be published here. – XavierMaillardProblems with toggling themesI have a function that toggles between two themes, taken from the Add The Emacs-color-theme-solarized Directory To Your Emacs Custom-theme-load-path. Need to change cash to cashier's check without bank account (Just arrived to the US) stdarg and printf() in C Why did Borden do that to his wife in The Prestige?

To switch back this change, just change all occurences of easy-add-menu to have “tools” instead of “Tools”. navigate here Then, when I change to snapshot, everything’s fine. I use color-theme too. Why did Borden do that to his wife in The Prestige? Emacs Solarized Dark

more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science The rest of the buffer has some default gray color. SiteMap Search ElispArea HowTo Glossary RecentChanges News Problems Suggestions Search: Language: ColorThemeQuestionsThis page is for questions and answers about the color-theme package. http://optimisersonpc.com/emacs-cannot/emacs-cannot-open-load-file-vc-git.html Anyone figured out that problem? – FrancoisDenisGonthier Yes.

Why does the Minus World exist? Color-theme Emacs How to be Recommended to be a Sitecore MVP How much time would it take for a planet scale Miller-Urey experiment to generate intelligent life Blender add rough/random surface Glassmapper fields You signed in with another tab or window.

This has nothing to do, per se, with color themes, BTW. – DrewAdams Recently I faced a quite similar problem with official v22.1 GNU Emacs.

For illustration, they all use the same list. (require 'color-theme) (setq my-color-themes (list 'color-theme-billw 'color-theme-jsc-dark 'color-theme-sitaramv-solaris 'color-theme-resolve 'color-theme-classic 'color-theme-jonadabian-slate 'color-theme-kingsajz 'color-theme-shaman 'color-theme-subtle-blue 'color-theme-snowish 'color-theme-sitaramv-nt 'color-theme-wheat)) Do Re Mi: Cycling Color Themes I created a color theme based on your color-theme-tango.el. emacs-color-theme-solarized owner sellout commented Nov 29, 2015 Not to be curt, but just to ensure I make the directions as clear as possible for everyone, can you start from https://github.com/sellout/emacs-color-theme-solarized/blob/master/README.md#installation--usage and Emacs Set Default Theme Inspired by the name custom-set-faces, I searched for functions beginning with set-face and found set-face-attribute: (set-face-attribute 'default nil :family "Menlo" :height 120) (set-face-attribute 'font-lock-comment-face nil :foreground "#3f7f5f") (set-face-attribute 'font-lock-string-face nil :foreground "#4f004f") (set-face-attribute 'font-lock-constant-face

Lisp:color-theme-black-purple.el – AnonymousHistoryThe original color theme code was written by Jonadab the Unsightly One.Installing a Random Color ThemePut this in your ~/.emacs: (funcall (car (nth (random (length color-themes)) color-themes)))http://www.litchie.net/programs/color-theme-random.htmlSaving a Color Since you've installed the theme using the package system, you're probably forgetting to call package-initialize before trying to require and load it. I can definitely get it added. this contact form Has anyone experienced similar issues? – DavidReitterI get “Wrong type argument: symbolp, (link-visited info-xref)” with 2006-05-13 CVS emacs, with 2006-05-14 CVS color-theme.el.

I gotta fix that. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Once you have found and fixed them, things will likely work as expected.

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