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Emacs Cannot Open Termcap Database File Centos

This means that Control-S/Control-Q (XON/XOFF) "flow control" is being used. Password Red Hat This forum is for the discussion of Red Hat Linux. I would really appreciate any help. View 9 Replies View Related General :: Parsing A File Into Database? have a peek here

libexpat.so.0: cannot open shared object file location: linuxquestions.com - date: April 16, 2007 System : OS: Suse Linux 10.3 HW: DELL PE2950 Xeon 5130 2.0GHz/4MB 1333FSB SW: UIM/X 3.0.34 After installing The solution is to recompile Ispell with support for 8-bit characters. The solution is to use gawk (GNU awk). ** Problems with hostname resolution *** Emacs does not know your host's fully-qualified domain name. From: Peter Dyballa Subject: Re: Cannot open termcap database file for emacs?

For terminals that lack a "no flow control" mode, sometimes just giving lots of padding will prevent actual generation of flow control codes. Typically, it occurs when switching buffers or changing a buffer's major mode and the new mode adds entries to the menu bar. Pollen Ota09. Apr 20, 2010 Every time i open Emacs window,it opens with a width=(monitor-width)/2;height=(3/4)*(monitor-height)I click the maximized icon every time.How can i set the maximized emacs window as default?

  • LessTif 0.92-17's Motif 1.2 emulation seems to work okay on FreeBSD.
  • If your spell-checking program is Aspell, it has been reported that if you have a personal configuration file (normally ~/.aspell.conf), it can cause this error.
  • Index(es): Date Thread Home / read / cannot open termcap database file for emacs libz.so.1: cannot open shared object file location: linuxexchange.com - date: January 21, 2014 I am facing an
  • Would this be called a mailing list?
  • We don't know what causes these problems; they are not reproducible by Emacs developers. *** Motif: The Motif version of Emacs paints the screen a solid color.
  • Alternatively, if you set the option 'load-prefer-newer' non-nil, Emacs will load whichever version of a file is the newest. *** Watch out for the EMACSLOADPATH environment variable EMACSLOADPATH overrides which directories
  • Is there a way to somehow "reverse" the "fix" done by fsck, using the contents of lost+found?

There is an easy fix for this problem: install the package libncurses5-dev which will provide the file termcap.h. If Emacs is configured --without-toolkit-scroll-bars, C-mouse-2 on the scroll bar does work. *** Inability to send an Alt-modified key, when Emacs is communicating directly with an X server. For KDE, it is sufficient to recompile Qt. *** Some fonts have a missing glyph and no default character. I might try use the Window$ version to see if that one works.

Note that a permanent fix seems to be to disable "assistive technologies". *** Gnome: Emacs receives input directly from the keyboard, bypassing XIM. So iam thinking can linux oracle be the answer of my ugly problems.?!Can SQL 2008 open database made from linux Oracle? Solved Sysklinux How To Setup Different Keyboard Choice In Syslinux.cfg04. go to this web-site The following command will print any duplicate Lisp files that are present in load-path: emacs -batch -f list-load-path-shadows If this command prints any file names, some of these files are stale,

And transfered the A.out file to ZedBoard. However, that has the disadvantage of turning off interrupts, so that you are unable to quit out of a Lisp program by typing C-g. *** Prevent double pastes in X The It would be very great if anyone help me out of this issue. Apr 21, 2011 I've noticed that emacs does not notice when an open file is changed on disk (unlike ,say, geany).

www.linuxquestions.org Dear LQ Users I've been using THunderbird for over a year now, and I love it So I thought of using the same files for both Window$ and Linux versions check over here Examples are the 7x13 font on XFree86 prior to version 4.1, or the jmk neep font from the Debian xfonts-jmk package prior to version 3.0.17. There are two different protocols in general use. Ubuntu Servers :: Unable To Install Postfix Atal: Open Database /etc/aliases.db: Permission Denied?

General :: Difference Between TERM - TERMCAP And TERMINFO? navigate here If someone debugs this and finds the precise cause, perhaps a workaround can be found. *** An error message such as 'X protocol error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) on protocol request Sony :: Vaio FW490- Soud- When Playing Blu Ray Through TV Forms Data Controls :: Wrap The Text In The Column Of The GridView? This happens sometimes when using Metacity.

Unfortunately, we parted company with the old vendor under extremely hostile conditions, and they are not a source of help for this problem, nor are the new vendors.Basically the problem is If the problem persists with other sizes as well, your text is corrupted, probably through software that is not 8-bit clean. The amount of padding Emacs sends is controlled by the termcap entry for the terminal in use, and by the output baud rate as known by the kernel. http://optimisersonpc.com/emacs-cannot/emacs-cannot-open-termcap-database-file-mac.html View 4 Replies View Related General :: Open Emacs In Maximized Window?

As of May 2014, Fedora 20 has broken LLVMgold.so plugin support in clang (tested with clang-3.4-6.fc20) - 'clang --print-file-name=LLVMgold.so' prints 'LLVMgold.so' instead of full path to plugin shared library, and 'clang The usual error in installing GCC is to specify --includedir=/usr/include. You do not need any other drivers or options.

Thank you.

This is known to occur for character number 160 (no-break space) in some fonts, such as Lucida but Emacs sets the display table for the unibyte and Latin-1 version of this Join our community today! Each X font covers just a fraction of the characters that Emacs supports. The messages might say something like this: Unable to load color "grey95" (typically, in the '*Messages*' buffer), or something like this: Error while displaying tooltip: (error Undefined color lightyellow) These problems

You could use the following conditional which sets it only if it is undefined. If the results are wrong for the correct speed, there is probably a problem in the termcap entry. In most cases the problem can be temporarily fixed by stopping the application that has the error (it can be Emacs or any other application), removing ~/.fonts.cache-1, and then starting the this contact form Last edited by Dr_P_Ross; 11-16-2010 at 05:32 AM.

Rain Alarm Osm Pro08. The terminal emulator uses that variable to provide the information on the special terminal type that Emacs emulates. php Unable to load dynamic library mssql cannot open shared object file on centos location: linuxexchange.com - date: February 14, 2013 I am compiling on centos 5 32 bit, php version The source of the problem is currently under investigation, older versions of Emacs up to 24.5 just hang for a few seconds and then return with the message "Timed out waiting

To circumvent this problem, set x-use-underline-position-properties to nil in your '.emacs'. There are reports that this happened with (some) Microsoft mice and that replacing the mouse made it stop. *** You can't select from submenus (in the X toolkit version). Note that Emacs includes Semantic since 23.2, and this issue does not apply to the included version. *** Self-documentation messages are garbled. As the message suggests, this problem occurs when Emacs thinks you have a clipboard manager program running, but has trouble contacting it.

As a result, the corresponding lines in the PCL-CVS buffer are not updated with the new revision of these files, and new lines are added to the top-level directory. I would even take the damned SD card to a forensics expert just to regain that file! To see what glyphs are included in a font, use 'xfd', like this: xfd -fn -schumacher-clean-medium-r-normal--12-120-75-75-c-60-iso8859-1 If this shows only ASCII glyphs, the font is indeed the source of the problem. Rest of the data was unloaded appropriately.Code: a) What does this below character means?b) How can i remove it,I already have Code:sed '/^$/d'c) Will this effect the file by any means

This is a known limitation of Emacs with no solution at this time. *** Emacs uses 100% of CPU time This was a known problem with some old versions of the The offending definition is in the file '...lib/X11/locale/iso8859-1/Compose'; there might be other similar combinations which are grabbed by X for similar purposes. The intlfonts distribution includes a full spectrum of fonts that can display all the characters Emacs supports. LinuxQuestions.org > Forums > Linux Forums > Linux - Distributions > Red Hat termcap database files User Name Remember Me?

Use the shell command 'xset bc' to make the old X Menu package work. *** C-SPC fails to work on Fedora GNU/Linux (or with fcitx input method). You need to configure your machine with a fully qualified domain name, (i.e., a name with at least one "."), either in /etc/hostname or wherever your system calls for specifying this. This works on most systems. The file is very important to me as I've been working hard for a long time on it (it's a text file), I just can't afford to lose it!

If Emacs has to run without its own windows inside a terminal emulation it needs to know some properties of this terminal to move the cursor, 'split' the terminal to create View 3 Replies View Related Slackware :: Add Own Personal Database Of Quotes For The Fortune App To Call When Open A Terminal Feb 5, 2010 I'm trying to add my Any ideas why I am running into these issues and how I can fix them? Just like that, without warning, and it's not there anymore!

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